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Glory Stories: 15 Volume Set
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Deluxe Lab Kit for Physical Science
Deluxe Lab Kit for Physical Science

Price: $71.00
Publisher: Nature's Workshop Plus
Subject: Science  
Grade: 9
Stock #: P-SCKT-53
In Stock

Seton's Description:
Physical Science Deluxe Lab Kit

Free yourself from having to hunt for the supplies needed for the experiments in Apologia's Young Explorer Series. Students get so much more out of science when they're able to see it happen before their eyes - and even alter the end results!

Module 1: Safety Goggles, Baking Soda, 9-Volt battery, Insulated Wire, Scissors, Clear Tape, Yarn, Pencil, 6 Antacid Tablets.

Module 2: 2 Cotton Balls, Thermometer, Candle, Small Plastic Bag, Matches, Yeast, Balloon, Large Plastic Bag.

Module 3, 5, 8, 14 & 16: 3 Balloons, Salt, Small Plastic Bag, Plastic Wrap, Rice.

Module 4: 2 Test Tubes, Paper Towel, Epsom Salts, Paper Cup, Comb, Sugar, Table Salt, Cooking Oil, Olive Oil, Paper Clip, Toilet Paper, Dish Soap, Red Wax Crayon, Small Nail.

Module 6: Yarn, Cornstarch, 1.5 Volt AA Battery, 3-inch Nail, Paper Clip, Insulated Wire.

Module 7: NONE.

Module 9: Cardboard, Stopwatch, Measuring Tape.

Module 10: Index Card (3 x 5 in.), Circular Aluminum Pie Pan, Marble, Eraser, Small Block of Wood, Sandpaper, Rubber Stopper, Baking Soda, Aluminum Foil, 4 Pencils.

Module 11: Plastic Tube (Replaces Mechanical Pen), Black Marker, Thread, 5 Washers, 2 Ping Pong Balls.

Module 12: 3 Balloons, Paper Clip, Aluminum Foil, Styrofoam Cup Lid.

Module 13: All items are items you provide.

Module 15: Flat Mirror, White Paper, Protractor, Flashlight with Batteries, Black Construction Paper.

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