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6 Set Activity Kit with Holy Trader Sets 1 - 6
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Wordly Wise C Grade 3
Wordly Wise C Grade 3

Price: $9.50
Publisher: Educators Publishing Service, Inc.
Subject: Vocabulary  
Grade: 3
Pages: 61
Stock #: P-VO03-13
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Seton's Description:
This vocabulary workbook helps students to think not only about words and how we define them, but also about the world of things and ideas for which the words are referents. Eight to twelve words are covered in each lesson. Some the students will know and others they will not. For some words, one meaning may be known, but not other less common meanings. In each chapter, students are tested on a word meaning in "True/False exercises." After this comes a "Hidden Message puzzle" that challenges the student to find the answer to a riddle and a crossword puzzle to develop their vocabulary skills. Secular. Black and white illustrations throughout. Answer key available. 1998 Copyright. 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft cover. 61 pp.
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