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Deluxe Lab Kit for General Science
Deluxe Lab Kit for General Science

Price: $79.00
Publisher: Nature's Workshop Plus
Subject: Science  
Grade: 7
Stock #: P-SCKT-51
In Stock

Seton's Description:
General Science 2nd Edition Deluxe Lab Kit

Free yourself from having to hunt for the supplies needed for the experiments in Apologia's Young Explorer Series. Students get so much more out of science when they're able to see it happen before their eyes - and even alter the end results!

Contents of this kit include:

Module 1 contains : Safety Goggles, Vegetable Oil, Corn Syrup, Piece of Cork, Blue Food Coloring, Balloon, Baking Soda, Funnel Pencil, Sheet of Paper, Thumbtacks, Yarn, Cardboard.

Module 2 contains: Cardboard, Cardstock, Sheet of Paper, Paper Clip, Flashlight with Batteries.

Module 3 contains: Spoon, Table Salt, Scissors, Facial Tissue, Trial-Size Soap Bar, Chewing Gum, Black Pepper, Tweezers, Paper Clip, Toilet Paper.

Module 4 & 6 contain: Wooden Ruler, Yarn, Bamboo Skewers, Alum, Spoon, Cotton String, Washers, Black Construction Paper, Magnifying Glass, Sand, Plaster of Paris, Bowl, Lima Beans, Paper Towels, Limestone Rock, Steel Wool, Foil Baking Pan, Small Shovel.

Module 7 contains: Modeling Clay, Plaster of Paris, Paper Plate, Petroleum Jelly Packet, Table Salt Packet, Sheets of White Paper, Seashells.

Module 8 contains: Index cards.

Module 9 contains: Pipe Cleaners, Pack of Beads 4 Colors, Rubbing Alcohol, Iodine, Masking Tape, Nylon Stocking, Rubber Band.

Module 10 contains: Chicken Bouillon Cube, Table Salt, Pen, White Paper, Crayon, Yeast, Small Plastic Bags, Butter Knife.

Module 11 contains: Plastic Bags.

Module 12 contains: Tealight Candle, Candle Holder, Baking Soda, Matches, Mirror, Paper Towel, Large Straws, Balloon, Oral Thermometers.

Module 13 contains: Saline Cracker, Antacid Tablets, Baking Soda.

Module 14 contains: Stopwatch, Flexible Tubing, Large Plastic Bag, Balloon, Rubber Band, Red Food Coloring, Spoons.

Module 15 contains: Tea Bad, Paper Towel, Coffee Filter.

Module 16 contains: White Paper, Practice Golf Ball, Toothpicks, Blindfold, Pencil, Printouts.

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