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Young Adventurer's 5 Book Set
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Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
Author: Jeanne Bendick
Price: $13.00
Publisher: Bethlehem Books
Subjects: Literature   Reading   Science  
Grade: 7
Stock #: P-SCBK-23
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Seton's Description:
We know about Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. But we owe nearly as much to Galen, a physician born in 129 A.D. at the height of the Roman Empire. Galenís acute diagnoses of patients, botanical wisdom, and studies of physiology were recorded in numerous books, handed down through the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Not least, Galen passed on the medical tradition of respect for life. In this fascinating biography for young people, Jeanne Bendick brings Galenís Roman world to life with the clarity, humor, and outstanding content we enjoyed in Archimedes and the Door to Science. An excellent addition to the home and to the home-education library. 150 pp, Quality Softcover, Ages 9-up.

This book is also sold as part of the Bethlehem Science Book Set .

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