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The Borrowed House
The Borrowed House
Author: Hilda van Stockum
Price: $13.00
Publisher: Bethlehem Books
Subject: Reading  
Grade: 7
Stock #: P-RD07-24
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Seton's Description:
Back in Print! When Janna is suddenly summoned from Germany to join her actor parents in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, she is shocked by the Dutch hatred for the Germans. Her favorite Nordic tales and Hitler Youth indoctrination have not prepared her for the complexities of living in a house requisitioned by a military friend of her parents; or for the violence she sees on the streets. With her parents preoccupied by their perplexing adult world of careers and relationships, Janna is lonely and full of unwelcome questions. It is the house itself which begins to provide real, if painful, answers to Janna’s bewilderment—but not before it adds its own set of mysteries to solve. A well-developed, true-to-life tale for teenagers. 221 pp, Quality Softcover, Ages 13-up

Comment by Dr. Clark: This book does not show family values, but it is an important book for teens to read. It is the story of a teen German girl who lives in Holland at a time during World War II when the Germans controlled the country and treated Jews as criminals. It depicts the daily life of a suffering and hungry conquered Christian nation but whose people are willing to fight back and protect the Jews. It also shows how the battle between good and evil can actually divide a family, and how the pressure from those in control and in power can force people to live in such fear that they don't even speak out against evil. A book for our times.

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Customer Reviews

An amazing book!, July 6, 2010
Reviewer: Lily Galley

I absolutely love this book. The wartime setting and the perspective of the main character, who is a pro-Hitler German girl, makes the book fascinating. As she learns more about the borrowed house that she lives in, many twists make the book exciting. It has just the right amount of budding romance, as well. I borrowed this from the library; now I'm going to get a copy of my own! I recommend this book to all of my teenage friends.

The Borrowed House! A great Book!, January 11, 2011
Reviewer: Christa Wilson

"The Borrowed House", by Hilda van Stockum is a great book for boys and girls 12 and up. The story takes place during the time of world war II. In this story a German, Nazi girl realizes the truth about the war, and in finding this truth, goes against her mother and father's own beliefs and saves a Jews life. This story is intense, and a very wonderful and exciting book! You should read it! I loved it!

Best Novel EVER!!!!, August 23, 2011
Reviewer: a homeschooled 8th grader

I purchased this book from Seton because I was desperate for something exciting to read, having already eaten up my entire bookshelf. I personally like historical novels, but I'd recommend this even for people who don't.
Janna Oster, who enjoys her Hitler Youth Group in Germany, is sorry to get a letter from her actor parents saying they have found a house in Amsterdam to share with her. She is taken off in a train, traveling with an officer's wife, to Amsterdam. She gets her first inkling of Hitler's cruelty when she sees a cattle train filled with people.
In Amsterdam, she is finding the house she lives in with her parents, does not belong to them. It is a borrowed house. The Baron, a man named Dietrich, kicked out a Dutch family so the Osters could live there and use their possessions.
This story also includes a secret in the borrowed house...

One of the best books EVER!, November 14, 2012
Reviewer: Ella D. A home schooled 9th grader

I bought this book for my sister and I ended up reading it before I even gave it to her. :-) I've read quite a few historical fiction books on world war two and this is one of my favorites! Janna is a very believable character and one who a person could relate to easily. The story line is great and Hilda van Stockum is such a good writer that I felt like I was with Janna throughout the whole story. I love historical fiction and I haven't been able to find many books this good!

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