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Algebra 1/2 (2nd ed) Dive Into Math CD
Algebra 1/2 (2nd ed) Dive Into Math CD

Price: $55.00
Publisher: Genesis Science, Inc.
Subjects: Math   Software  
Grade: 8
Stock #: P-MACD-08
In Stock

Seton's Description:
A supplemental compact disc that is designed to be used in conjunction with Saxon's Algebra 1/2 - 2nd edition textbook. Includes lectures and visual instruction for each and every Saxon lesson. Fractions, decimals, signed numbers and their arithmetic operations; translating from words to algebraic expressions, unit conversions, scientific notation, data interpretation; evaluation of algebraic expressions, solutions of linear equations; word problems; geometry. Taught from a Christian perspective. On one CD-ROM.
Please note that there are no returns or exchanges on software once the package or wrapping has been opened.

DIVE Into Math products are compatible with both Microsoft Windows and MAC.

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