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Our Catholic Legacy Vol. 1
Our Catholic Legacy Vol. 1
Author: Seton Staff
Price: $18.00
Publisher: Seton Press
Subject: History  
Grade: 6
Stock #: P-HI06-17
In Stock

Seton's Description:
Our Catholic Legacy Vol. 1 is the first of an exciting and colorful two volume world history series from Seton. In this first volume we travel from pre-historic times to the Age of Discovery. We are introduced to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Then we move into the Christian era and the threat posed to Christianity by the spread of Islam and Viking raiders. We journey forward to meet a pagan barbarian chieftain, who marries a Catholic princess. We join gallant Spanish soldiers and we travel with the Crusaders over the hot sands of the Holy Land. Then we go to Ireland and meet a slave boy named Patrick who changed all of history. We study the spiritual life of Europe in the Middle Ages and watch as Modern Europe begins to emerge. Finally, we are witness as Christendom is cleaved asunder by the Protestant Revolt and meet the great Catholic saints who emerge at this moment. Filled with many full color maps, charts, and descriptive graphics Our Catholic Legacy Vol. 1 is the kind of exciting history book that you have come to expect from Seton. Answer key in back of book. Copyright 2013. 8.5 x 11 inches. Soft cover. 321 pp.
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Customer Reviews

Our Catholic Legacy, January 21, 2011
Reviewer: Anne Yamakaitis

This is an EXCELLENT and thought provoking history book. It is written at an age appropriate level and my children (2) who took this course loved it. The chapters were engaging and were open to be developed into a variety of fun assignments that we created at home. Our only regret is that Vol. 2 is not ready and my children were so excited about this book, that we have decided to postpose History 7 until Vol. 2 hits the presses!

BRAVO!, August 26, 2014
Reviewer: Mrs. Seuferer

My son loved, loved this book! He often asked permission to read further in the lesson then completed the book early. This book is golden and completely affordable compared to other popular programs!

Seton's "Our Catholic Legacy" Volume I, January 28, 2017
Reviewer: Susan Wanke

I wholeheartedly concur with previous reviews of this book, and would welcome the "secret knowledge" of who is the author of it so I can seek him/her out for future purchases.

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