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Upbringing (Discipline)
Upbringing (Discipline)
Author: Stenson, James B.
Price: $9.00
Publisher: Scepter Publishers, Inc.
Subject: Family Resource  
Grade: HS
Pages: 176
Stock #: M-FMBK-05
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Seton's Description:
Serious needs of today's parents are not being met effectively. Upbringing , by James Stenson, addresses the most important of those needs.
Where are we headed? What sort of men and women do we hope our children will grow up to be? Are we making progress, and how can we tell? What do we have to do now to help our children grow toward responsible adulthood?
Upbringing provides a framework for fruitful discussion of these issues by couples and groups of couples. Copyrightt 1991. 2002 Printing. 5.25 x 8.5 inches. Soft cover. 176 pp.
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