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Mr. Wizard's World Vol. 5
Mr. Wizard's World Vol. 5

Price: $16.95
Publisher: Mr. Wizard Studios
Subject: Science  
Grades: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Stock #: P-SCDV-35
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Seton's Description:
Discontinued item - available only while supplies last!

Learn Science with the Hands-On Approach! These are digitally remastered DVD versions of the original uncut episodes from the 1980's and 1990's Mr. Wizard's World TV shows. Each volume contains 4 Episodes of over 100 minutes of pure mystery and magic of discovering everyday science with Mr. Wizard. Over 35 separate experiments on each DVD explore a variety of science categories. These 'must-have' DVD's are proven gems for people of all ages. Sold separately - Each volume is $17.95. Buy the entire set of 8 DVDs for $125.00! ( Mr. Wizard's World Complete Set - Volumes 1-8 )

Volume 5

Episode 17

  • Straw & Acid
  • Straw Oboe
  • Ant Farmers
  • Rolling Pin Code
  • Equal Solids
  • Hawaiian Volcano
  • Swallow Upside Down
  • Crush Egg

    Episode 18

  • Dry Ice Fog
  • Napkin Suction
  • Crawling Cell
  • Computer Graph
  • Starch Test
  • Lizard Autopsy
  • Find Your Pulse
  • What Makes Rain

    Episode 19

  • Make A Rainbow
  • Hard vs. Fresh Egg
  • Plastic Zipper
  • Mothball Frost
  • Random Numbers
  • Wildlife Center
  • Surprise Reaction
  • Weightless Clothespins
  • Glass Drinking Fountain
  • Rotten Apple
  • Bicycle's 3 Wheels

    Episode 20

  • G-Forces Ocean Motion
  • Washer Thru Hole
  • Fat Mice
  • Plants That Eat Animals
  • Cork Floats
  • Avalanche
  • Computer Echo
  • Star Trails
  • CO2 Puts Out Candle

    Running Time: 1 hr. 44 minutes

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