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Art Appreciation Set with Hardcovers
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Mr. Wizard's Science & Technology Reports
Price: $20.00
Publisher: Mr. Wizard Studios
Subjects: DVD   Science  
Grades: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Stock #: P-SCDV-20
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Seton's Description:
Seven DVD set for only $20.00! Presented Dr. Don Herbert, former host of the hit television series Mr. Wizard's World which highlighted the wonderful world of science. These 7 DVDs are a special collection of video reports Dr. Herbert made on specific topics in science and technology.

  • DVD 1: Physics & Engineering - Physics, Engineering, Computer Applications
  • DVD 2: Chemistry - Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Energy Resources
  • DVD 3: Earth & Space - Space Science, Meteorology, Geology, Mapping
  • DVD 4: Plants & Organisms - Microorganisms, Genetics, Plants
  • DVD 5: Animals - Invertebrates, Vertebrates
  • DVD 6: Ecology - Ecosystems, Pollution, Pest Control, Wildlife Preservation
  • DVD 7: Human Biology - Human Physiology, Medical Technology, Health
  • Set includes a 36 page index!

    The 7 DVD set provides a total of 293 - 90 second video reports! Video reports produced between 1977-1987. Copyright 2004.

    Also see Watch Mr. Wizard Complete Set - Volumes 1-8 and Mr. Wizard's World Complete Set - Volumes 1-8 .

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