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Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader
Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader
Author: Clifford B. Hicks
Price: $10.00
Publisher: Bethlehem Books
Subjects: Literature   Reading  
Grade: 5
Stock #: P-RD05-73
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Seton's Description:
Alvin Fernald is not your ordinary eleven-year-old. His "Magnificent Brain," as he so modestly likes to call himself, gets him into one after another interesting escapade. In Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader, his "Magnificent Brain" has done it again. This time Alvin, Shoie, and Alvin's sister Daphne have created a prize winning tasty concoction of Fernald's Fireballs. Together they have entered Kitchenmate Appliance Company's recipe contest and won the incredible prize of a summer vacation in Europe. When a mysterious Mr. X pops up causing trouble, they soon find out that there is more to the world of appliances than ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Tangled in a web of industrial espionage, their trip to Europe becomes more exciting than they had anticipated, involving them in more than one hair raising incident. In the end, their trip to Europe is filled with memorable experiences as well as some valuable lessons in foreign trade and economics. Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader is a fun-filled adventure story that children ages nine and up will enjoy reading as they learn about friendship, family, and foreign trade. The Bethlehem Books 2007 edition includes all new illustrations and a colorful, intriguing cover illustration that invites the reader to want to know more. Copyright 1966. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Softcover. 181 pp.

Comments by Dr. Mary Kay Clark: Alvin Fernald is the adventuresome hero of a series of books by Clifford Hicks. Alvin is not only looking for new adventures, but is proud of his "Magnificent Brain" which helps him solve mysteries. After inventing a candy called Fernald's Fireballs, Alvin, his sister, and a friend win a trip to Europe with representatives from Kitchenmate Appliances. Their mysterious and very funny adventures provide fun and laughter for readers from about 4th to 9th grade. Parents will probably be pressured to order other "Magnificent Brain" books. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

This book is part of a treasury of wholesome, character-building literature from Bethlehem Books.

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