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Art Appreciation Set with Softcovers
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Discovering Music- The Full Course
Discovering Music- The Full Course
Author: Reynolds, Carol
Price: $149.00
Subject: Music  
Grade: HS
Stock #: P-MUHS-11
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Seton's Description:
New! Discovering Music: 300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture is a lively and entertaining romp through history, and adds a serious study of music and the arts to your homeschool curriculum. Also suitable for adults who want to expand their understanding of Classical music and the arts.

Taught by Professor Carol on 8 DVDs (13+ hours), this curriculum makes history more memorable and gives your student the understanding of Western Culture so essential to success in college. Professor Carol and many other experts tie the history of art and music to math, science, technology, geography, and more.

The complete course includes 8 Instructional DVDs, A Teacherís Manual (CD-ROM), and course book. The course includes workbook pages in each chapter, quizes, and tests. There are answer keys in the text for the workbook pages, and printable answer keys for the quizes and tests in the Teacher's Manual CD-Rom.
Recommended for High School.

For those enrolled in Seton Home Study School this course can be done as an "Independent Study" High School credit. Contact a guidance counselor at Seton for more information.

This unique curriculum connects music with visual arts, political and economic history, and Western Culture from 1600 to 1914. Music was recognized in ancient times as one of the seven essential subjects comprising the Liberal Arts, and music has always been central to Classical Education. By connecting music history to political and cultural history, we make all of history more memorable and more interesting.

Discovering Music takes a comprehensive approach to history and the arts, linking literature, geography, social movements, science and technology, paintings, and architecture to form a more complete picture. By experiencing the arts of a particular time and place, students are better able to understand what happened Ė the social and political forces as well as the daily life of historical figures.

History taught through the lens of the Arts and Music becomes more vivid and memorable. Itís history you can hold in your ears.

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