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Bethlehem Books

History comes alive in these books from the Bethlehem Books Living History Library. Set in the backdrop of different time periods and sometimes real historical events, these novels give an authentic account of life, while teaching Christian virtues and life's lessons. Discover history through exciting tales of adventure, hardship and fun!

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Once Upon A Time Saints Series

Once Upon A Time Saints Series - Includes 3 books: Once Upon A Time Saints, More Once Upon A Time Saints, and Around the Year Once Upon A Time Saints.



Once Upon A Time Saints

Once Upon A Time Saints - 1st in 3 book series. Saint biographies presented in the style of a fun children's tale.



More Once Upon A Time Saints

More Once Upon A Time Saints - 2nd in a 3 book series. More biographies and stories of Saints presented in a playful manner!



Around the Year Once Upon A Time Saints

Around the Year Once Upon A Time Saints - 3rd in a 3 book series. Many saint bio's presented chronologically throughout the year.



Bethlehem Science Book Set

Bethlehem Science Book Set - Contains: Mystery of the Periodic Table, Archimedes and the Door to Science, and Galen and the Gateway to Medicine.



The Mystery of the Periodic Table

The Mystery of the Periodic Table - An educational journey through the ages and the discovery of elements.

200 B.C., Greece


Archimedes and the Door of Science

Archimedes and the Door of Science - Discover the work of the ancient Greek mathematician.

129 Rome


Galen and the Gateway to Medicine

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine - Learn about the life of the great Roman physician.

311 A.D. West Britain


Spring Tide

Spring Tide - Amidst struggles between Christians and pagans, 2 courageous boys resolve to free an imprisoned priest.

597 England


Augustine Came to Kent

Augustine Came to Kent - A story set in the backdrop of the historical missionary journey to England.

late 700's Europe


Son of Charlemagne

Son of Charlemagne - The story of the great Emperor Charlemagne and his son Carl as Charlemagne prepares to hand over his kingdom.

800's Ireland, Denmark


Beorn the Proud

Beorn the Proud - A boy learns lessons about Christian humility, during Viking raids of Ireland.

12th century England


Red Falcons of Tremoine

Red Falcons of Tremoine - A boy's upbringing provides him the virtues required to face his challenging early adulthood.

1164 England


If All the Swords in England

If All the Swords in England - A scribe witnesses events leading up to the infamous martyrdom of Thomas Becket.

1171 England


Hidden Treasure of Glaston

Hidden Treasure of Glaston - A boy discovers legends and treasure, while living at an abbey.

1200, 1780, 1940


Bethlehem Book Set for Boys

Bethlehem Book Set for Boys - Set contains: Big John's Secret (1200's Europe), The Reb and the Redcoats (1780's England), and Enemy Brothers (1940's England).

1218 England,Holy Land


Big John's Secret

Big John's Secret - Young Englishman, raised by surrogate parent, grows up to serve in 5th Crusade; meets St. Francis who helps him discover answers in his life.

1587 Ireland


Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal

Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal - Follow the exploits of the historical fighting prince in Ireland.

1692 French Canada


Madeleine Takes Command

Madeleine Takes Command - Based on the true story of a young girl who defends a frontier fort from Indian attacks.

1770s America


John Treegate's Musket

John Treegate's Musket - For mature teens. Fictional story of events during the Boston Massacre and early American War for Independence.

American War for Independence


The Treegate Series (4 book set)

The Treegate Series (4 book set) - John Treegate's Musket (ages 14+), Peter Treegate's War, Sea Captain from Salem, and Treegate's Raiders.

American War for Independence


Treegate's Raiders

Treegate's Raiders - An action-packed suspense story about a fierce fighting force that plays significant role in defeating the British.

late 1770


Sea Captain from Salem

Sea Captain from Salem - 3rd book in the Treegate Series. 'Peace of God Manly' takes on British war ships in the American War for Independence.

1778 America


Becky Landers, Frontier Warrior

Becky Landers, Frontier Warrior - The adventures of a daring young girl, during the American War for Independence.

late 1700


Peter Treegate's War

Peter Treegate's War - A son struggles to remain loyal to himself, his father, and his foster father during the American War for Independence.

1780's England


The Reb and the Redcoats

The Reb and the Redcoats - The Revolutionary War through the eyes of a British family and their American prisoner.

French Revolution


The Five Bushel Farm Series

The Five Bushel Farm Series - Series contains - The Fair American, and The Wonderful Day.

early 1800s France


The Fair American

The Fair American - The son of a French nobleman killed in the Revolution, boards a ship, faces adventure, and meets friends along the way.

early 1800s New England


The Wonderful Day

The Wonderful Day - Follows "Five Bushel Farm' & "The Fair American". Adventures of three children on a horse ride for the day.

1865 Limburg (Prussia)


Under a Changing Moon

Under a Changing Moon - Young adult Paula returns home after being away at convent boarding school. Adventures amidst family and Germany's changing politics.



Old Sam: Dakota Trotter

Old Sam: Dakota Trotter - 10 year old Johnny, younger brother Lee, and friends - Jess and Levi, have a great time homesteading with a former race horse.

1890's Texas Panhandle


The Texas Panhandle Series

The Texas Panhandle Series - Includes the books: The Wind Blows Free, The Wide Horizon, and The Good Land.



The Wind Blows Free

The Wind Blows Free - Pierce family of 7, relocates to TX Panhandle - story told through perspective of oldest daughter, 15yr old Melinda, who adjusts to the move.



The Wide Horizon

The Wide Horizon - Life on Texas Panhandle, late 1800s, as told by timid 15yr old, Katie Pierce, who's faced 5yrs of adventure here with family.



The Good Land

The Good Land - Fast-paced story about the Pierce's from perspective of youngest, 14yr old Carolyn, who learns her concern for others can make a difference.

1876, 1908, 1930, 1967


Latsch Valley Farm 4 book Series

Latsch Valley Farm 4 book Series - First Farm in the Valley, Winding Valley Farm, Stairstep Farm, and Willow Wind Farm. Immigrant families in western Wisconsin.

late 1800


First Farm in the Valley

First Farm in the Valley - Polish immigrant family life in western Wisconsin, late 1800s.



Stairstep Farm

Stairstep Farm - Fun and adventure in the Latsch Valley as told by five-year-old Anna Rose.

1967 Wisconsin


Willow Wind Farm

Willow Wind Farm - 4th book in Latsch Valley Farm series; A close and flourishing community still connected to its European & Catholic roots.

1908 Wisconsin


Winding Valley Farm

Winding Valley Farm - Warm security is to be found in a hardworking family rooted in faith and love.

early 1900


The Fairchild Family Series

The Fairchild Family Series - Set of 4: Happy Little Family, Schoolhouse in the Woods, Up and Down the River, and Schoolroom in the Parlor.

early 1900


Happy Little Family

Happy Little Family - There's always something going on at the Fairchild family home! Simple values and good descriptive visuals.

early 1900


Schoolhouse in the Woods

Schoolhouse in the Woods - Enter into the mysteries of schoolroom learning and playground rites in a woodland setting of the early 1900s.

early 1900


Up and Down the River

Up and Down the River - A story of a sisters selling things during the summer season in the lovely hills of Kentucky.

early 1900


Schoolroom in the Parlor

Schoolroom in the Parlor - School at home for children in the rugged Kentucky hills.

early 1900s Holland


A Day on Skates

A Day on Skates - A teacher takes a class on a day long skating trip. Captures early 20th century Dutch life. This was a Newbery Honor Book in 1935.

Pre-WWI Czechoslavakia



Philomena - 12yr old girl finds adventure, friends, and pets, when sent on her own, traveling to go serve her aunt as a housemaid.



Francie on the Run

Francie on the Run - Young boy, has an operation, longs to see family, leaves hospital unannounced, finds meaningful adventure going wrong way home on train.

1940's England


Enemy Brothers

Enemy Brothers - Discover brotherly love and the unbreakable bonds of family, during World War II.

1940's Holland


The Winged Watchman

The Winged Watchman - Courage and hope for a hidden Jewish boy in occupied Holland, during WWII.



The Mitchell Series

The Mitchell Series - Series contains - Canadian Summer, and Friendly Gables. A great gift idea!



Canadian Summer

Canadian Summer - Moving to old house in woods brings dangers, quarrels, fun - and brings family into vivid characterization.



Friendly Gables

Friendly Gables - Follow up to 'Canadian Summer'. The Mitchell's settle in new home, struggle with relationships; twins are born, nurse moves in, money is tight.

1944 Maine


A Penny for a Hundred

A Penny for a Hundred - A young American girl befriends a German prisoner, during WWII.

1944 Italy


The Small War of Sergeant Donkey

The Small War of Sergeant Donkey - A tale of courage for a boy in the mountains of Northern Italy, during WWII.



That Girl of Pierre's

That Girl of Pierre's - Fast-paced; young spunky heroine facing ravages of WWII, along with grandmother and younger brother, overcoming many adversities.



Alvin Fernald Book Set

Alvin Fernald Book Set - Contains: Alvin Fernald:Foreign Trader, and The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald. Both by Clifford B. Hicks.

1950s United States


Alvin's Secret Code

Alvin's Secret Code - The 1st Alvin book; out of print - but Seton has a few copies left! Two 12 year olds find a peculiar piece of paper in the gutter. It's in code! A tangled adventure begins.

1950s Europe


Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader

Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader - Young Alvin and some close friends find their summer vacation in Europe turned into exciting adventures involving industrial espionage!

1950s Europe


The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald

The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald - Alvin launches a new series of inventions which bring extraordinary results - unfolding the most brilliant plan of his young career.



The Kitchen Madonna

The Kitchen Madonna - Two young children search for an Icon to give to their live-in cook, learning much in the process.

1950 Faroes Islands


The Strange Intruder

The Strange Intruder - The fast-paced adventure of a boy, a storm and a small island in danger.



Young Adventurer's 5 Book Set

Young Adventurer's 5 Book Set - Set contains: Red Falcon of Tremoine, Big John's Secret, The Reb and Redcoats, Enemy Brothers, and The Strange Intruder.

20th Century England


The Rose Round

The Rose Round - At Manor home with adopted family, teen boy learns valuable lessons on faith, friends, family, and how people are often viewed by others.

20th century Russia


The Miracle of St. Nicholas

The Miracle of St. Nicholas - A grandmother passes on to her grandson stories of the religious faith of the Russian people prior to revolutions.

Contemporary, Sweden


Happy Times in Noisy Village

Happy Times in Noisy Village - Tales of fun for kids in a rural Sweden farming community.


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